Travel Concierge Services

STEP 1- The Consultation

We have a system to make travel planning as easy as possible for our clients. To understand, we explain each step of the planning process.

You, the client, will set-up a call with me at your convenience using my online scheduler. The consultation is FREE and will take from 20-30 minutes to complete. The call is a requirement before the planning stage occurs. This is when I get to know you better which assists in the planning process. 

During the call, I will review my fee based on your wants and needs, destination and how detailed a trip it is. I don't have set fees because it is only fair to determine that once I know what is involved in the planning of your desired vacation.

Are you ready to chat?


Planning Begins

After my fee is paid, the planning begins. I get to work! I will create up to 3 quotes. 

Those quotes can include: 

  • flights
  • transfers
  • resorts or cruises
  • tours and excursions
  • dining
  • car rentals
  • special events 

Then, we'll chat and tweak your chosen itinerary to get it JUST right. Finally, I make the arrangements by applying your deposit, saving you TIME and STRESS. 

How does that sound?


Embrace the Wanderlust

Time to travel on your dream vacation! Enjoy your time visiting a new destination with your family or friends, making those memories that can't be replaced. I am available to you before, during and after travel to assist. My goal is to give you personalized service so you are excited to plan your next adventure.

So, are you ready to plan your trip?

I'm ready - let's go!

The Most Common Myths About Travel Agents

You know why you became a travel agent, and you know exactly what you do on the daily. But does everyone else?

Truth is, not a lot of people understand what travel agents do for a living. There are a lot of misconceptions and misunderstandings that can, unfortunately, discourage people from working with agents.

So, what kind of myths are out there and how can you dispel them?

Follow me down the page to find out.

Myth #1: Travel Agents are Extinct

Although there may not be as many travel agents as there were a decade ago, travel agents do still exist. And they’re still helping travelers to follow their hearts to their dream destinations!

However, if people don’t realize travel agents are still doing business, it’s unlikely they’ll seek one out when planning a trip. This is a major reason it’s so important to get out there and advertise your travel services and expertise wherever you can.

Myth #2: It’s Too Expensive to Use a Travel Agent

With so many travel websites out there like Expedia and Hopper advertising low rates to travelers, many people are left with the impression that they’ll be paying more for the same thing if they work with an agent. What they don’t realize is that travel agents have access to many deals that aren’t available online. Make sure you let your followers know you’re working to get them great rates and great experiences.

Myth #3: Travel Agents Don’t Have Anything to Offer

The internet is an amazing resource for travelers. It allows them to research destinations, create a bucket list, get recommendations from other travelers and so on. And with so many resources out there, people don’t think travel agents have anything extra to offer.

So, as a successful travel agent, it’s your responsibility to clearly communicate to your audience and in marketing materials the value you bring beyond the internet.

Myth #4: Travel Agents are Just Salespeople

Many people are under the assumption that travel agents are salespeople working to push travelers toward specific cruises and hotels in the hopes of getting a fat commission.

While making money is important, travel agents genuinely want travelers to have an amazing experience and visit places they’ll love. Be sure to show your potential clients that you’re focused on them and not just the paycheck.